Business Solutions

  • Furniture listings. List select pieces from your furniture collection within the SnapShop database. We’ll host your product catalog, and process your images for Augmented Reality. Contact:
  • Complete package. Work with SnapShop to create a branded iPhone app for your business, creating new ways for customers to engage with your products. We’ll host your product catalog, process your images for Augmented Reality, and work with your team to ensure that the app represents your brand’s unique style. Contact:

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Key Benefits

  • Experiential interaction. SnapShop promotes visceral connections with your brand, as consumers interact with your products beyond the walls of your store and website.
  • Increased conversion. By previewing your products in their intended setting, consumers enjoy increased confidence in their buying decisions, making purchases more likely, and returns less likely.
  • Brand awareness. SnapShop makes it easy for consumers to share their photos of your products with their social network. Photos are typically accompanied by a URL, driving traffic to your website.
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