Eddy Hueso

Whenever he’s not cruising on a sailboat in the Caribbean or hiking in the sierras, Eddy likes to work on hard problems. After getting his MS in Computer Science at Brown University Eddy worked in the R&D department of ILM creating software used by animators and modelers in movies including Pirates of the Caribbean and Spiderwick Chronicles.

More recently, Eddy has focused on managing development teams for consumer facing applications.

Brian Chaikelson

Brian earned a Bachelor of Computer Engineering from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Since 1998, he has architected or consulted on large retail websites including Jo-ann Fabrics, Musicland, Gloss.com and Gap. In his role as Product Manager of Omniture’s Test&Target product, Brian helped Fortune 500 companies adopt actionable web analytics and A/B testing programs, optimizing websites with relevant content and targeted experiences.

Babur Ozden

Babur is an advisor to SnapShop. He served as CEO of Berggi, an internationally acclaimed mobile applications provider (acquired by Avanzit MCE: AVZ); President of DataCert, world’s no 1 provider of legal online billing (acquired by CCH Wolters Kluwer Wolters WLSNC: NA); CEO of LenSec, no 1 provider of web-based video surveillance platform to Public School Districts in the USA; and CEO of Superonline, the most recognized Internet brand in Turkey (acquired by Turkcell NYSE:TKC). His experience spans mobile, web, Internet, consumer, enterprise, USA, Europe, and Asia. Babur holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin and MBA from Rice University.

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